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First Week of Build Season

150 150 Ariana Vallejo-Cooper

This past week we were introduced to the FIRST Robotics game of the season. We started of the week brainstorming strategies and collaborating with one another to come up with a game plan. Each subteam then split up and began bringing our plan into fruition. The Design team worked together to complete the robot design in CAD. They also prototyped an intake system that could pick up both cones and cubes. This allowed the mechanical team to get a head start on constructing the game pieces needed for the testing of the robot. They were also able to start on the charging station in addition to completing the cube and cone scoring stations. Brainstorming ideas, the controls team began prototyping code for the robot. On the other side of things the Marketing teem finished the Impact award essay and assigned members to executive summaries. Finally, our creative team configured a list of supplies needed for competition. Over all this past week was an encouraging start to this years season. We look forward to seeing our hard work pay off on the field!


Ariana Vallejo-Cooper

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