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Team STEAM participates in the FIRST® Robotics Competition, an international competition for high school students. 

Every year in late December, a new game is created and released, followed by a six week period in which teams across the world to build and program their robots from scratch, preparing for competition. Teams are tasked with having to build a new robot, made to accomplish specific goals on the field to help their team win. These goals change each year with the introduction of the year’s game. 

At the regional competition, teams work in alliances of three, working together to accomplish specific tasks in order to gain points and win games. By winning games, teams gain ranking points, advancing in placement before the knockout stages of the competition begin and the top eight teams are able to select teams below them in the rankings to create eight alliances of three. These alliances play “best of three” matches, with the winner proceeding to the next round. The final two teams play in the finals, and the winner goes to represent the region at the FIRST®  Robotics Championship.

Our team has participated for the past five years, going to one of the regional competitions in the area, vying to win and progress to the next stage of the competition.

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