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Malcolm Maude

Malcolm Maude is the CEO of Team STEAM, last year he was our Programming and Robot Design Lead and our competition robot driver. This is his fourth year on the team. Malcolm is very involved in FIRST outside of our team and volunteers at both FLL and FRC competitions.

Ashton Weeks

Ashton Weeks is our team’s CMO. Her job is to make sure that our Marketing subteam reaches our team’s budget and to maintain our relationships with our sponsors. Ashton has worked in Marketing for 2 years.

Charles Nigro

Charles is the Director of Project Management on Team STEAM. He is a member of the mechanical team for his fourth year.

Avery Wilcoxson

Avery is our Design Director. He has worked on the Control Systems subteam for 2 years and he is now in charge of our Design team.

Cole Huang

Cole is the head of the Graphic Design team and has been on Team STEAM for 3 years. He is a junior at Free State High School.

Rheanne Walton

Rheanne Walton is the COO of Team STEAM for her second year! The year before that, she was the CEO, and her freshman year she was the Director of Sponsorships. She was also drive team captain for two years.

Ryan Roberts

Ryan is the CPO of Team STEAM, meaning he is in charge of human resources and training. He has worked on Marketing for one year and on Control Systems for two years. He is also in charge of the team discord.

Elaine Landers

Elaine is the Mechanical Director of Team STEAM, and this is her second year managing the mechanical department, and her fourth year on the mechanical team in general.

Liam McKinney

Liam is the Control Systems Director. He has been on Control Systems for three years and has been the leading factor on several important projects including autonomous systems and advanced machine vision technologies.

Charlie Johnson

Charlie Johnson is our Non-Robot Operations Director. He also serves as the main finance coordinator and held the role of CFO for two years. Before that, he was a member of the mechanical subteam.